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Git Abort With Error: Filename Too Long

[Author: Dingyu]   [Thu, 2015-10-01, 13:13]   [1461 views]


This problem may only happen in Windows. Details please see this Stack Overflow Solution.
1. Update to Git 1.9 (or later)
2. Launch Git Bash
3. Get to your Git repository which 'suffers' of long paths issue
4. Enable long paths support with command: git config core.longpaths true ... see full article

Git: squash multiple commits into one

[Author: Dingyu]   [Mon, 2015-01-05, 14:51]   [1402 views]


b {color: blue;}Simply say, use git rebase -i to squash multiple commits into one:
Here is an example to explain details:
Step 1.
in the git branch "new_dev"
git log
commit a34f7353afc3c26945011d4d307f7d6d73101293
 ... New Development Step 03
commit a9fc95a625d830437fdf8d67f2cbeecd7d98933e
 ... New ... see full article

Make Git ignore mode changes (chmod).

[Author: Dingyu]   [Mon, 2015-01-05, 14:31]   [3130 views]


Use the command below to make Git ignore the mode changes:
git config core.filemode false
Or git config --global core.filemode false set globally
More details from git-config(1):
If false, the executable bit differences between the index and the working tree are ignored; useful on bro ... see full article

Git: dealing with line endings

[Author: Dingyu]   [Mon, 2015-01-05, 13:52]   [1267 views]


git config --global core.autocrlf true
git rm -r --cached .
git add -A
git commit (if neccessary) ... see full article

pigrider.com GitHub Repositories

[Author: Dingyu]   [Thu, 2014-09-18, 15:51]   [1762 views]

HTML CSS Javascript Ruby on Rails Git

pigrider.com is our early project for learning Ruby on Rails. Its source code may be somewhat native. However, it is a very good resource.
Here are GitHub repositories for it:
Pigrider Blogs Website (http://blogs.pigrider.com/):
Pigrider Tools Websit ... see full article

Rename a local Git branch

[Author: Dingyu]   [Wed, 2014-06-11, 15:01]   [1513 views]


git branch -m OldName NewName
If you want to rename the current branch, you can simply do:
git branch -m NewName ... see full article

Handle Asian characters in file names in Git

[Author: Dingyu]   [Fri, 2014-06-06, 14:56]   [1572 views]


git config --global core.quotepath false ... see full article

Resync git repo with new gitignore file

[Author: Dingyu]   [Mon, 2014-05-26, 22:37]   [1812 views]


git rm -r --cached .
git add .
git commit -m ".gitignore is now working" ... see full article

Comparing two branches in Git

[Author: Dingyu]   [Wed, 2014-02-26, 15:48]   [1694 views]


git diff Branch_1..Branch_2
That will produce the diff between the tips of the two branches. If you'd prefer to find the diff from their common ancestor to test, you can use three dots instead of two:
git diff Branch_1...Branch_2 ... see full article

How to use Git to download a particular tag?

[Author: Dingyu]   [Tue, 2014-01-14, 10:30]   [1696 views]


git clone will give you the whole repository.
After the clone, you can list the tags with: git tag -l 
Then you can checkout a specific tag with: git checkout tags/TAG_NAME ... see full article
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